We SO and forever appreciate your help, personality, energy & expertise. You are the best. Thank you.
— Dr. Myles Spar, Director of Integrative Medicine, Venice Family Clinic

Why I Became an Acupuncturist

I began practicing acupuncture in 2006 after a career educating consumers on environmental issues and how they affect our health. When I discovered the benefits of Chinese medicine for myself, I became convinced that it is one of the safest, most effective approaches to holistic health — so much so that I dedicated the next chapter of my life to it.

I love that acupuncture and herbal medicine can treat most pains and ills in a relatively short amount of time while also being powerfully preventative in the long term. Western medicine is great for diagnosis, surgery and emergencies, to name a few. But Chinese medicine works at the root of our health issues, and can help prevent more serious problems down the road. It’s a philosophy that really resonates with people!

Using acupuncture, cupping, professional brand supplements and ethically-sourced Chinese herbs, my goal is to help you achieve and maintain your best health. I offer my patients thoughtful, attentive consultations so I can unravel complex (or even the simplest) medical histories. Every day I watch them walk out of my office feeling more relaxed, with less pain and more energy, and with the confidence that it’s in their power to get well.

If you’d like to take control of your wellness, turn your health around, or simply start feeling better today, I look forward to working with you.